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LAMICE’s first e-single "SUMMER DAYS" is a message of unity, multicultural awareness, open mindedness and positive thinking, built around the base of true friendship. A group of young, tanned, happy and eager international expatriates, drawn together by the similarity of their countries at war gave life to the song "SUMMER DAYS" in Cyprus summer of 92. Despite their different backgrounds and upbringing, their bond was able to transcend all racial and religious beliefs, binding their hearts together through their passion for music under the breathtaking heat of summer. When the time came to share their goodbyes, the realizations that music brought them together came to light, but the world and circumstances would make it difficult for them to keep in touch within this uncertain future. They came together at their farewell evening and penned the song "SUMMER DAYS", etching their friendship and affirming their confidence to always preserve it. The song "SUMMER DAYS" envisions freshness and positive moments amidst the sharp taste of nostalgia.
The "World fusion pop" theme is arranged by well-known African-Lebanese producer Alain Sawaya, with the "Electro-House" mix produced by rising French DJ, Julien Majorel and the video is the execution of French creative director, Franck Janin.

LAMICE composes since the age of 16. Her atypical course led her to manage both a consultant career in new media and her passion for Music. As an expatriate of Lebanese origin, living in France, LAMICE aims to address the uprooted, voluntary or involuntary expatriates, torn in their "multicultural" identity. She recounts her life away from family and close friends through music - her sanctuary.
LAMICE believes in music without borders, without labels, free as a bird. Her music is influenced by many styles due to her exposure, as an expatriate, to various cultures. Her single "SUMMER DAYS" flirts with many of them: Occidental and Oriental pop, Latino rhythms, electronic vibes, etc.
LAMICE envisions her music to be fully intangible and fluid. She found herself in our modern world where technology transcends geographical borders and where the individual in constant relocation settles abroad. LAMICE belongs to this worldwide sphere of interacting people. She collaborated, virtually and in person, with professionals around the world (France, USA, Lebanon, Germany, Venezuela, Spain and Brazil) in order to create what she calls "web oriented entertainment for worldwide web users".

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