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  • Date: Feb 11, 2010

Although originally written by Dolly Parton as a farewell song, I am not intending it in that way here. It is such a beautiful song and the chief sentiment is in the title. This is for a special lady who has proven that mutal acceptance is the key to a loving relationship

I wanna sing this song!

Rosa_Tender you have no idea how i enjoyed,this song is part of my life, thanks for share , very nice

On 03/09/2010 at 02:57

Birdgirl Thanks for this version. Nothing against Whitney, but sometimes the meaning of the lyrics get lost in all the vocal gymnastics. I once did the Parton version (I have it on karaoke) and the KJ commented that she never knew that Dolly Parton "covered" that song. Ahem.

On 03/01/2010 at 15:09

syndistic I thought I voted for this one a while back.. must have been a day I couldn't vote... it is a 10 anyway.. now you got'em.

On 02/24/2010 at 19:41

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