Bio: My parents love to sing also so I guess thats where I get it.Both of them are on this site as well. My mom is wilkat1964 and my Dad is Utah Cowboy All of the songs I sing have a meaning behind Them

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Heart Shaped Box

in the style of Nirvana

Drako_Dragonese recorded


in the style of Collective Soul

I don't think this is one of my best ones but it's been awhile.LOL

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On 12/01/2009 at 17:50

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Drako_Dragonese recorded

The world I know

in the style of Collective Soul

This is a song about a man who is considering suicide. So he walks to the edge of a building and looks down and realises that this is the world he knows and changes his mind. Because he doesn't want to lose everything he has. At the end of the music video a butterfly comes and lands on his shoulder. Symbolising the beautiful things in this world he would have left behind. This song ihas a great message.

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On 10/01/2008 at 00:39

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Drako_Dragonese recorded


in the style of Collective Soul

Cool I'm the first to record this one. I love Collective Soul.

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On 10/01/2008 at 00:00

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Drako_Dragonese recorded

Brain stew

in the style of Green Day

I had a lot of fun with the effects on this one. This song is about being high and all alone so I decided to make it look that way.

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On 09/04/2008 at 21:33

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Drako_Dragonese recorded

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

in the style of Marilyn Manson

This is a cool song.

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On 09/04/2008 at 20:34

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Drako_Dragonese recorded

Nothing else matters

in the style of Metallica

Metallica is one of my favorite bands.

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On 09/04/2008 at 19:47

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wilkat1964 follow Drako_Dragonese

On 11/30/1999 at 00:00

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