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Blue Christmas

in the style of Mickey Gilley

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Blue Christmas

in the style of Mickey Gilley

Blue Christmas, I will have a very blue Christmas this year 2014, since my husband, passed away on August 4th, and on our son's birthday. Thank you, to all my friends for the big support I have had, love you all, hugs, Janett

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On 11/29/2014 at 02:36

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Stranger In The Night

in the style of Frank Sinatra

Strangers in the night!

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An Angel

in the style of Declan Galbraith

Sometimes I wish I were you!

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You Are My Destiny

in the style of Paul Anka

You are my happiness!

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JanettDiva recorded

& Kemalu
I Want to Know What Love Is

in the style of Foreigner

Hello my dear friend, hope you like my company, thank you for invite me, hugs, Janett

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On 11/28/2014 at 05:35

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JanettDiva recorded

& larareando
You Were Always On My Mind

in the style of Willie Nelson

Hello my dear friend pleasure to sing with you my darling, hope you like my company, hugs, Janett

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