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  • Date: Oct 21, 2011

I wanna sing this song!

sixtysongster Yes, you do sound like the star of the show! Don Quixote would be pleased I am sure.

On 09/19/2012 at 03:43

eskabb i'm french, Jacques Brel is one of my favorite singer! you just nailed it in your own personal style! it's fantastic to listen to this kind of singin on a karaoke site! bravissimo!! brillant! i'm amazed!!

TomRutger eskabb...thanks a lot for your very nice comment.....I am VERY thankful......

On 12/21/2011 at 22:03

silentreader Hi again, you sound just as great here my friend. You have a voice for the classic songs and musicals. I very much admire your voice. Have you ever thought of doing "the street where you live or another song called "if i loved you"? I think you would sound wonderful singing these too. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++10
All stars

TomRutger Dear nice of you.....have recorded at least one of your suggested songs..."The street.....and will do even the other one....

On 10/29/2011 at 03:05

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