Wishing everyone a great day ahead!

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first of may

in the style of james taylor

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On 05/23/2013 at 04:41

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On 01/27/2013 at 16:42

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Thanks King, right back at you King! As for time...depends on which time zone you are in :))

On 02/15/2012 at 04:21

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barraba commented:

Thank you so much for your kind words, King! You have a great voice and talent which I enjoy very much, its not just the technical ability but it's what can be felt through your songs!

On 02/13/2012 at 04:25

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On 02/08/2012 at 01:54

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On 12/11/2011 at 12:13

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first of may

in the style of james taylor

This is my interpretation of the classic Bee Gees hit which I performed a few days ago. Wishing everyone on RK a Happy New Year - may it be filled with many special moments for all of you :)

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On 01/02/2011 at 21:05

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barraba recorded

Last Christmas

in the style of George Michael

Left out the beat which I thought was a little mechanical and interpreted it slightly differently to have a more acoustic feel. Wishing everyone at RK a Very Merry Christmas!

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On 12/24/2010 at 09:54

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barraba recorded


in the style of Bread

After Karen_Jara recorded this song, ColonelMac added a very moving harmony to it and I thought I could enhance the mood of the song a little more by adding some ambience and depth to the recording, while doing the re-mix, I felt that adding another voice would make it even more emotive, so I added my vocals to their wonderful rendition and PMed it to Karen. Karen has requested that I post this effort for all to hear and so here it is, hope you like it!

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On 06/12/2009 at 22:11

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barraba recorded

Just When I Nedded You Most

in the style of Randy Vanwarmer

This amazing vocals is fromCherrylove29 with her permission, both ColonelMac and I added our voices to create this recording. Do watch out for more recordings from her!

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On 06/12/2009 at 21:41

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barraba recorded

the tracks of my tears

in the style of Boyz II Men

This is my interpretation of Smokey Robinson's Tracks of My Tears. Hope I did justice to it.

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On 06/10/2009 at 21:56

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barraba recorded

ain't no sunshine

in the style of will young

Tried to do this classic song in my own way, hope it works :)

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On 06/07/2009 at 23:19

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The-King-of-Karaoke commented on the profile of barraba

Hi, Yes I can do Elvis, but there are so many things special things in your voice I wouldn't dare try. I appreciate in you what I can't do and more. Take Care...You are a special singer...The King

On 02/12/2012 at 04:21

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You did great with the song!, I wanted to give you just some of my insights on certain Elvis songs. Teddy Bear was very tough for me to do...really. It did not come naturally. I had to practice and practice. Now can I...

On 02/07/2012 at 02:55

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barraba commented:

i enjoyed that video very much!

On 02/03/2012 at 19:59

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breezekilpin commented on the profile of barraba

Thankyou for your comment on my song 'This is It'...The competition was a fantastic experience..It will be televised on Sky1 in march sometime...I did very well thankyou and left with the biggest smile on my...

On 02/01/2012 at 10:16

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barraba commented:

Wishing everyone a great day ahead!

On 03/20/2011 at 03:41

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