Perdon, en mis ultimas canciones hubieron defectos de sicronizacion y tambien que han aparecido guias fuertes y tambien desincronizadas, la opcion de borrar la cancion no me funciona ni la edicion para advertir con un mensaje en la propia cancion,...
Bio: I live in front of the ocean in a beautiful beach resort town with my wife (marce2009) and a dog. It's about 300 miles from Buenos Aires.

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See you later alligator

in the style of Bill Haley

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Mujer Amante

in the style of Rata Blanca

Marce2009 This song was intended to be sung by a man, but I love it and I wanted to do it anyway. Esta cancion tenia que haber sido cantado por un hombre pero me encanta y quise hacerlo de todas maneras.

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Y apareciste tú

in the style of Cacho Castaña

Tango anyone? Of course, most people know it dancingwise, but theres a lot of poetry in the singing part if you can understand the spanish lyrics, hope you like it.

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She Believes in Me

in the style of Kenny Rogers

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Love theme from the godfather

in the style of Andy Williams

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Let's Twist Again

in the style of chubby checker

Twist anybody? Here we go again, do you remember? What, that's too ancient?

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in the style of Popular

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