Perdon, en mis ultimas canciones hubieron defectos de sicronizacion y tambien que han aparecido guias fuertes y tambien desincronizadas, la opcion de borrar la cancion no me funciona ni la edicion para advertir con un mensaje en la propia cancion,...
Bio: I live in front of the ocean in a beautiful beach resort town with my wife (marce2009) and a dog. It's about 300 miles from Buenos Aires.

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See you later alligator

in the style of Bill Haley

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Too young

in the style of Nat King Cole


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A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

in the style of Toby Keith


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I wanna talk about me

in the style of Toby Keith

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Parlami D'Amore Mariu

in the style of Peppino di Capri

i heard my great friend and singer Nelupadu sing this old love italian song I liked his version and I had to do it.

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Act Naturally

in the style of Buck Owens

Ever since i was a kid, i loved country songs, i remember High noon and Ghost riders in the sky as my favourites at that time, i used to sing them without knowing much of english at the time, when i joined Rk i said to myself, you think you can sing this songs, the accent was a problem, anyhow, i love this songs and i am going to sing them no matter how, i only listem to them once and sing it right away, sorry if they are'nt perfect, thank you for listening to my songs, you are very generous in your comments.

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Blue Hawaii

in the style of Elvis Presley


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