Perdon, en mis ultimas canciones hubieron defectos de sicronizacion y tambien que han aparecido guias fuertes y tambien desincronizadas, la opcion de borrar la cancion no me funciona ni la edicion para advertir con un mensaje en la propia cancion,...
Bio: I live in front of the ocean in a beautiful beach resort town with my wife (marce2009) and a dog. It's about 300 miles from Buenos Aires.

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See you later alligator

in the style of Bill Haley & His Comets

grisaceo recorded

la flor mas bella

in the style of Memphis la blusera

We have Blues bands in Argentina, the best singers both died in different traffic accidents, one driving his motorcicle and this one while going on a tour in a car accident.

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amor amor amor

in the style of Los Panchos


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Closer You And I

in the style of Gino Padilla


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After All The Good Is Gone

in the style of Conway Twitty


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Than you for the information my good friend

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i believe to my soul

in the style of Ray Charles


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A noite do meu bem

in the style of Nelson Gon, Leymar, Altemar Dutra, etc


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Hi! roberto regarding the song my bonnie lies over the ocean by Mitch Miller I got it in the new releases!!! but RK keep moving the songs and some of them are taken out and I did check under the artist Mitch Miller a...

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