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  • Date: Mar 17, 2011

this is the better one i think

Feyth What a wonderful, fun performance! I really enjoyed this one, and can picture you singing this live -- this song brings back some great memories for me. You have such talent, and I just love hearing you sing. All my stars for you, my friend. Please keep singing for us!

silentreader Hallo Feyth, thank you very much. Well I cant picture myself singing anything live anymore. Dont know how i ever did before - another life. Wouldnt have the courage to sing live here even, like some do.
Yes - she was a wonderful romantic singer in a time which somehow seems warmer to me than now. Im almost 62 and sometimes i dont recognise this world as mine anymore. Although, must not grumble - i suppose there are good things too. For instance internet & being able to sing here with all of you!

On 04/01/2011 at 23:58

wulliew You sing from the heart.Excellent cover of a lovely song.

silentreader Hallo wulliew - Thank you very much. But dont all of us that love singing? How else. I can hear the same with you.
You are right - it is a lovely song & Connie Francis was wonderful, as so many others at that time. I am just surprised that one of them seems to have been forgotten as you never hear anything about Timi Yuro and Hurt was such a wonderful song too.
Will visit you in a minute.

On 04/01/2011 at 23:01

Marce2009 Hi, again, my internet is too slow that if I ever make a mistake clicking in the wrong way, it takes half an hour to get to the point I meant to go!! Ok, now I'm here listening to another wonderful performance of yours!!! You have a gifted voice, I love it!!! 10****************** Kisses, Marce

silentreader Hallo Marce, am on my way out - weekly shopping. Have a few moments & wanted to thank you for your comment my friend. Your internet sounds a bit nervracking!! Can relate with that a bit now as certain things arnt working here either. Funny how internet has become so important to every day life isnt it?
Yes - Connie Frances also a fav. singer of my dads & later of mine too. Somehow this time seemed far more innocent to me - dont know if that is an illusion though!
Take care & see you later at your place.

On 04/01/2011 at 05:10

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